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Additional Information EFX SandSlinger

**ALL 14" WIDE TIRES ARE THE REAR PADDLE TIRES** After investing a couple hundred dollars into high quality sunscreen, snagging a couple of high powered test machines and a band of misfit test riders, we took to the dunes to hand craft the best performing UTV sand tire. Because our test offices are located in Colorado, we have our pick of some amazing terrain in our backyard, including some awesome dunes just over the Utah border. After numerous edits, upgrades and modifications, we nailed the tire all UTV riders have been waiting for. Optimal float, balanced grip and superior power from a complete stop, SandSlinger tire gives you the performance when you need it most.


  • Optimal float
  • Balanced grip
  • Superior power from a complete stop


Part NumberSizeService
SS-27-10-1427x10.00R14UnknownF27Black Sidewall0Out of Stock$217.00
SS-28-11-1428x11.00R14UnknownF28Black Sidewall0In Stock $262.00
SS-28-14-1428x14.00R14UnknownF28Black Sidewall0In Stock $305.00
SS-29-11-1429x11.00R14UnknownF29Black Sidewall0Out of Stock$269.00
SS-29-14-1429x14.00R14UnknownF29Black Sidewall0Out of Stock$320.00
SS-30-11-1430x11.00R14UnknownF30Black Sidewall0In Stock $285.00
SS-30-14-1430x14.00R14UnknownF30Black Sidewall0Out of Stock$350.00
SS-31-11-1531x11.00R15UnknownF31Black Sidewall0In Stock $309.00
SS-31-14-1531x14.00R15UnknownF31Black Sidewall0In Stock $363.00
SS-33-13-1533x13.00R1586F33Black Sidewall0Out of Stock$347.00