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Additional Information Falken Wildpeak R/T

Developed for lifted trucks, SUVs, and high-powered diesel pickups, the Falken WILDPEAK R/T sets a new standard for the rugged terrain tire category. Featuring the ultimate hybrid terrain tread pattern, the WILDPEAK R/T provides the tenacious off-road traction of an M/T while retaining the tread life and stability expected from an A/T. Built to deliver an ideal combination of traction, durability, and longevity, the Wildpeak R/T is the tire of choice for those who spend as much time on the road as they do on the rocks. As such, the WILDPEAK R/T carries a 50,000-mile Limited Tread Life Warranty; because a tire built to conquer any terrain shouldn’t let you down on the open road. Whether you’re towing, hauling, working, or crawling, modern heavy-duty pickups need tires designed to work hard. Get the job done with the WILDPEAK R/T.


  • Wide open shoulders with mud and rock defense features shed mud from the tread grooves, enhancing off-road traction and preventing rocks from puncturing the base of the tread
  • Falken’s hybrid tread pattern features a high-contact-ratio center to increase the amount of rubber that meets the road, ensuring the R/T provides the stability and road manners expected on the highway
  • Tectonic tread blocks with step-down support features were engineered to minimize block squirm, enhancing stability when towing and hauling
  • Aggressive upper sidewall features protect the tire from sharp rocks, while offset shoulder blocks provide claw-like traction at low tire pressures and in off-camber situations


Part NumberSizeService
28757867LT265/75R16123R31.6Black Sidewall80000Out of Stock$404.72
28757499LT285/75R16126R32.8Black Sidewall80000Out of Stock$439.54
28757187LT255/80R17121R33.1Black Sidewall80000Out of Stock$435.84
28757467LT265/70R17121R31.6Black Sidewall80000In Stock $410.00
28757747LT285/70R17116R32.7Black Sidewall80000Out of Stock$484.75
28757808LT285/70R17121R32.7Black Sidewall80000Out of Stock$510.25
28757460LT285/75R17128R33.8Black Sidewall80000Out of Stock$539.43
28757474LT285/75R17117R33.8Black Sidewall80000Out of Stock$512.46
28757344LT315/70R17121R34.4Black Sidewall80000Out of Stock$534.90
2875775333x12.50R17LT120R33Black Sidewall80000Out of Stock$509.20
2875727835x11.50R17LT118R35Black Sidewall80000Out of Stock$563.95
2875710335x12.50R17LT125R35Black Sidewall80000Out of Stock$600.93
2875726437x12.50R17LT128R37Black Sidewall80000Out of Stock$689.11
2875750637x13.50R17LT128R37Black Sidewall80000Out of Stock$635.04
2875726738x13.50R17LT127R38Black Sidewall80000Out of Stock$717.72
2875771340x13.50R17LT128R40Black Sidewall80000Inquire for StockInquire for Price
28757443LT275/65R18123R32.1Black Sidewall80000Out of Stock$500.88
28757431LT275/70R18125R33.2Black Sidewall80000In Stock $508.00
28757935LT285/65R18125R32.6Black Sidewall80000In Stock $557.00
28757714LT285/70R18127R33.7Black Sidewall80000Out of Stock$604.23
28757495LT285/75R18129R34.8Black Sidewall80000Out of Stock$595.77
28757728LT295/70R18129R34.3Black Sidewall80000Out of Stock$555.74
2875755033x12.50R18LT118R33Black Sidewall80000Out of Stock$550.49
2875766735x11.50R18LT117R35Black Sidewall80000Out of Stock$619.69
2875736435x12.50R18LT128R35Black Sidewall80000Out of Stock$649.67
2875767637x12.50R18LT128R37Black Sidewall80000Out of Stock$686.83
2875746437x13.50R18LT128R37Black Sidewall80000Out of Stock$647.43
28757482LT275/55R20120R31.9Black Sidewall80000In Stock $462.00
28757779LT275/60R20123R33Black Sidewall80000Out of Stock$512.02
28757133LT275/65R20126R34.1Black Sidewall80000In Stock $605.00
28757204LT285/55R20122R32.3Black Sidewall80000Out of Stock$644.76
28757716LT285/60R20125R33.5Black Sidewall80000In Stock $595.00
28757782LT285/65R20127R34.6Black Sidewall80000Out of Stock$671.46
28757880LT295/55R20123R32.8Black Sidewall80000In Stock $561.00
28757636LT295/60R20126R33.9Black Sidewall80000In Stock $641.00
28757784LT295/65R20129R35.1Black Sidewall80000Out of Stock$658.23
28757504LT305/55R20125R33.2Black Sidewall80000In Stock $639.00
2875715933x12.50R20LT114R33Black Sidewall80000Out of Stock$613.08
2875765435x11.50R20LT120R35Black Sidewall80000In Stock $517.00
2875721035x12.50R20LT125R35Black Sidewall80000Out of Stock$720.45
2875713035x13.50R20LT126R35Black Sidewall80000Out of Stock$725.31
2875791537x11.50R20LT128R37Black Sidewall80000Out of Stock$656.34
2875769737x12.50R20LT126R37Black Sidewall80000Out of Stock$778.52
2875773237x13.50R20LT127R37Black Sidewall80000Out of Stock$772.72
2875739638x13.50R20LT128R38Black Sidewall80000Out of Stock$774.19
28757523LT285/55R22124R34.3Black Sidewall80000Out of Stock$589.14
28757349LT325/50R22127R34.8Black Sidewall80000Out of Stock$601.09
2875797435x12.50R22LT117R35Black Sidewall80000In Stock $831.00
2875765537x12.50R22LT127R37Black Sidewall80000Out of Stock$739.91
2875741637x13.50R22LT128R37Black Sidewall80000Out of Stock$826.18