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Additional Information Goodyear Wrangler Workhorse HT - LT

The strength to go the extra mile. Every hardworking driver should get where they’re going with a smooth, confident ride. Ride with a tire that gives you longevity for tough days, hard work and jobs done right.


  • Smooth, quiet ride
  • Enhanced braking in wet conditions
  • Engineered to give you toughness, stability and wet traction to help you get the job done
  • Incorporates innovative soybean oil technology within the tread compound to reduce petroleum use


Part NumberSizeService
131517875LT215/85R16115R30.4Black Sidewall60000In Stock $295.22
131748875LT225/75R16115R29.3Black Sidewall60000In Stock $292.92
131745944LT235/85R16120R31.7Black Sidewall60000Out of Stock$309.45
131747875LT245/75R16120R30.5Black Sidewall60000In Stock $316.01
131746954LT265/75R16123R31.6Outlined White Letters60000Out of Stock$331.60
131635875LT235/80R17120R31.8Black Sidewall60000In Stock $349.74
131469875LT245/70R17119R30.5Black Sidewall60000Out of Stock$346.78
131636875LT245/75R17121R31.5Black Sidewall60000Out of Stock$357.38
131535875LT265/70R17121R31.6Black Sidewall60000Out of Stock$383.35
131096944LT285/70R17121R32.7Black Sidewall60000In Stock $373.60
131099944LT265/70R18124R32.6Black Sidewall60000Out of Stock$381.27
131092875LT275/65R18123R32.1Black Sidewall60000In Stock $413.52
131646875LT275/70R18125R33.2Black Sidewall60000In Stock $412.14
131020944LT265/60R20121S32.5Black Sidewall60000In Stock $453.01
131097944LT265/60R20121R32.5Black Sidewall60000Out of Stock$453.01
131090944LT275/65R20126R34.1Black Sidewall60000Out of Stock$444.85
131015944LT285/60R20125R33.5Black Sidewall60000In Stock $476.57