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Additional Information Michelin Pilot Sport 5

Live each driving moment to the fullest. Amplify sport performance made to last with the MICHELIN® PILOT® Sport 5 tire.


  • A hybrid belt made of aramid and nylon ensures optimal transmission of steering instructions on the road, providing a motorsport experience
  • MaxTouch™ 2.0 Technology maximizes the tire's contact with the road and evenly distributes the forces of acceleration, braking, and cornering - delivering longer tread life without sacrificing performance
  • Command the road confidently with long-lasting tire grip
  • The Premium Touch sidewall design creates a sleek, matte-black aesthetic with a velvety micro texture


Part NumberSizeService
85024205/40ZR1784(Y)23.5Black Sidewall50000Out of Stock$312.90
59525205/45ZR1788(Y)24.3Black Sidewall50000Out of Stock$328.80
17729215/55ZR1798(Y)26.3Black Sidewall50000Out of Stock$363.81
15411225/50ZR1798(Y)25.9Black Sidewall50000Out of Stock$434.26
32676225/55ZR17101(Y)26.7Black Sidewall50000Out of Stock$359.57
73361245/45ZR1799(Y)25.7Black Sidewall50000Out of Stock$353.21
06176205/40ZR1886(Y)24.5Black Sidewall50000Out of Stock$403.06
74180215/40ZR1889(Y)24.8Black Sidewall50000Out of Stock$342.59
47997215/45ZR1893(Y)25.6Black Sidewall50000Out of Stock$386.09
54082235/40ZR1895(Y)25.4Black Sidewall50000Out of Stock$441.64
72714235/50ZR18101(Y)27.3Black Sidewall50000Out of Stock$428.99
07913275/40ZR18103(Y)26.7Black Sidewall50000Out of Stock$613.44
81751235/35ZR1991(Y)25.5Black Sidewall50000Out of Stock$421.61
93065235/45ZR1999(Y)27.3Black Sidewall50000Out of Stock$473.25
85058245/35ZR1993(Y)25.8Black Sidewall50000Out of Stock$551.26
01591245/45ZR19102(Y)27.7Black Sidewall50000In Stock $522.80
14062255/35ZR1996(Y)26Black Sidewall50000Out of Stock$532.28
04606255/45ZR19104(Y)28Black Sidewall50000Out of Stock$537.55
31259285/40ZR19107(Y)28Black Sidewall50000Out of Stock$662.99
84948275/45ZR20110(Y)29.7Black Sidewall50000Out of Stock$438.47