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Additional Information Pirelli Scorpion WeatherActive

Introducing the latest range from Pirelli, the WEATHERACTIVE™ series, where weather is always welcome. Say goodbye to the limitations of seasonal performance and embrace these new tires designed to excel in any weather condition.


  • Innovative compound ensures exceptional wet performance across a wide range of temperatures, effectively balancing the challenges of snow and wet conditions without sacrificing mileage
  • Lateral grooves effectively expel water in rainy conditions for optimal performance
  • Even when worn to 90%, 66% of the siping remains visible, ensuring consistent performance throughout the lifespan of the tire


Part NumberSizeService
4164000225/60R18100W28.6Black Sidewall95000In Stock $272.73
4163000235/55R18100H28.2Black Sidewall95000In Stock $338.87
4082700235/60R18107V29.1Black Sidewall95000In Stock $318.35
4163100235/65R18106V30Black Sidewall95000In Stock $323.95
4162900245/60R18105V29.6Black Sidewall95000In Stock $322.07
4163800255/55R18109V29Black Sidewall95000In Stock $370.30
4162800265/60R18110V30.5Black Sidewall95000In Stock $367.18
4164300235/55R19105V29.2Black Sidewall95000In Stock $349.43
4164600245/55R19103V29.6Black Sidewall95000In Stock $328.30
4164400255/50R19107V29Black Sidewall95000In Stock $374.00
4165000255/55R19111W30Black Sidewall95000In Stock $377.68
4165800235/55R20102W30.2Black Sidewall95000In Stock $328.30
4165300245/50R20105V29.6Black Sidewall95000In Stock $369.69
4165700255/45R20105V29Black Sidewall95000In Stock $395.53
4165600255/50R20109H30Black Sidewall95000In Stock $388.15
4166100255/55R20110V31Black Sidewall95000In Stock $333.90
4165900265/45R20108V29.4Black Sidewall95000In Stock $391.22
4165400265/50R20107V30.4Black Sidewall95000Out of Stock$398.60
4166200275/40R20106Y28.7Black Sidewall95000Out of Stock$391.22
4166400275/45R20110V29.7Black Sidewall95000In Stock $401.06
4165500275/55R20113H31.9Black Sidewall95000In Stock $429.35
4166500275/45R21110W30.7Black Sidewall95000Out of Stock$491.04
4166600285/45R22114H32.1Black Sidewall95000Out of Stock$439.82