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Additional Information Toyo Celsius Sport

The Celsius Sport is designed to deliver superb traction in changing weather conditions for high performance luxury cars, SUVs, and CUVs. It carries the three-peak mountain snowflake symbol designating its capability in snow, slush, and ice for true all-weather performance. Spirited drivers seeking an all-season perfomance upgrade will appreciate the refined looks, precise handling, and driving comfort of the Celsius Sport.


  • All weather tread design optimizes winter traction with high sipe density and zigzag shaped tread blocks on the inside tread and maintians wet and dry traction through the balance of sipe density and interlocking multi-wave sipes on the outside tread
  • Specialized silica compound provides high grip in wet and dry conditions and maintains flexibility in cold climates to enhance winter performance
  • Wide grooves with traction bars evacuate water to improve wet traction and bite into snow and slush to improve snow traction
  • Multi-wave sipes minimize irregular wear for a smooth, quiet ride and improve snow traction and braking on wet roads
  • Ultra-high performance casing construction improves responsiveness and handling with a stiff sidewall, high tensile steel belts, and high hardness bead filler, and it delivers more even contact pressure during acceleration, braking, and cornering


Part NumberSizeService
127540205/50R1793V25.1Black Sidewall95000In Stock $245.94
127610215/45R1791W24.6Black Sidewall95000Out of Stock$274.87
127710215/50R1795V25.5Black Sidewall95000In Stock $264.22
127550215/55R1798V26.3Black Sidewall95000In Stock $242.13
127700225/45R1794W25Black Sidewall95000In Stock $280.96
127580225/50R1798V25.9Black Sidewall95000In Stock $269.54
127730225/55R17101V26.7Black Sidewall95000Out of Stock$261.93
127630235/45R1797W25.3Black Sidewall95000Out of Stock$295.43
127860265/60R17108V29.5Black Sidewall95000Out of Stock$297.72
127740225/40R1892Y25.1Black Sidewall65000In Stock $332.10
127690225/50R1895V26.9Black Sidewall95000Out of Stock$296.95
127770225/60R18104W28.6Black Sidewall95000In Stock $277.92
127670235/45R1898W26.3Black Sidewall95000Out of Stock$330.58
127590235/50R18101W27.3Black Sidewall95000In Stock $313.23
127600235/55R18104V28.2Black Sidewall95000Out of Stock$297.72
127750235/60R18107V29.1Black Sidewall95000In Stock $293.15
127790245/55R18103W28.6Black Sidewall95000Out of Stock$310.97
127880255/60R18112W30Black Sidewall95000In Stock $318.51
127660225/45R1996W27Black Sidewall95000Out of Stock$347.20
127760235/40R1996W26.4Black Sidewall95000In Stock $375.13
127680235/50R19103V28.3Black Sidewall95000Out of Stock$328.32
127560235/55R19105V29.2Black Sidewall95000In Stock $310.97
127810245/45R19102Y27.7Black Sidewall65000Out of Stock$375.13
127870255/55R19111W30Black Sidewall95000Out of Stock$334.36
127830265/50R19110V29.4Black Sidewall95000Out of Stock$377.39
127820275/40R19105Y27.7Black Sidewall65000In Stock $441.55
127780235/55R20102V30.2Black Sidewall95000In Stock $335.12
127840245/40R2099Y27.7Black Sidewall65000In Stock $405.32
127640245/45R20103W28.7Black Sidewall95000Out of Stock$387.95
127720255/50R20109V30Black Sidewall95000Out of Stock$375.13
127850265/45R20108Y29.4Black Sidewall65000In Stock $409.08
127570275/35R20102W27.6Black Sidewall95000In Stock $464.58
127800275/40R20106Y28.7Black Sidewall65000In Stock $449.09
127650275/45R20110Y29.7Black Sidewall65000Out of Stock$427.95
127620315/35R20110Y28.7Black Sidewall65000Out of Stock$552.87
127910255/40R21102Y29Black Sidewall65000Out of Stock$449.09
127920265/40R21105Y29.3Black Sidewall65000Out of Stock$459.34
127950275/45R21110Y30.7Black Sidewall65000Out of Stock$459.34
127960285/40R21109Y30Black Sidewall65000In Stock $481.79
127890295/35R21107Y29.1Black Sidewall65000In Stock $503.48
127900295/40R21111Y30.3Black Sidewall65000In Stock $499.00
127930265/40R22106Y30.3Black Sidewall65000Out of Stock$472.07
127940275/40R22108Y30.7Black Sidewall65000In Stock $481.79